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Security has many levels, products and designs. At Leading Edge Technology, we listen to what your concerns are. Many traditional security systems are comprised of contacts on doors and windows. Some are doors and motions detectors. When you ask 5 people what they think is a basic security system, you will receive 5 different answers. The truth is, they are all correct. A Security System is as personal as that comfortable pair of shoes that we all have, we just feel good when they are on. A Security System should give you that comfortable feeling in your home, office, store, etc… The comfort that you feel when returning home from vacation that your home was not violated, some-one didn’t steal that charm bracelet that your grandmother gave you when were 12. Maybe it is a Mickey Mantle baseball card. The comfort of knowing that the police or the fire department would be notified of an incident is priceless.

Closed Circuit Tele-Vision has been used for years in the commercial security market, it is now growing in leaps and bounds in the residential market. Nanny Cameras have come to the fore front with news expose’ showing baby sitters mistreating children. Now parents have the ability to view cameras in their homes from any place they can get on the internet. This technology has grown to watching what the kiddies are doing in the back yard on the flat panel TVs through-out the home and by a parent at work. A Leading Edge Technology security specialist sits with the client to work out the Special Needs of any CCTV job.

Intercom Systems have been around for what seems like for-ever. Intercom is security? Yes it is. The door bell rings at 10pm, would you want a child to open the door to see who is there or push a button behind a locked door with the alarm tuned on. Aside from the security aspect, convenience is also a major portion of an intercom. Yelling “dinner is ready” is one way to get the kids to the table, but pushing the all-call button and saying “come to the kitchen, dinner is ready “ does not hurt the throat.

Access Control is another service that was originally in the commercial world only. Access control is the basic ability to control a door electronically, the thought of releasing a door when your friend is at the front door and you are on the 2nd floor. A simple push of a button on the intercom and they are in. What if you are responsible for getting people in a building, i.e. office, gym, club house, condo building.

Leading Edge Technology system designers have over 20 years experience in the security industry. The owner is licensed by the New Jersey DCA to install burglar alarms and fire alarms.


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