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What is a home theater? High-quality home cinemas are assembled from component pieces purchased separately to provide the best combination of equipment for the cost. It is possible to purchase home theater kits that include a set of speakers for surround sound, an amplifier/tuner for adjusting volume and selecting video sources, and a DVD player. Though these kits often pale in comparison to a custom-built home cinema, they are inexpensive and are easy to set up in a family room or living room; one needs only to add a television and some movies in order to create a simple home theater. This makes them popular in the public’s eyes.

Some home cinema enthusiasts go so far as to build a dedicated room in the home for the theater. These more advanced installations often include sophisticated acoustic design elements, including “room-in-a-room” construction that isolates sound and provides the potential for a nearly ideal listening environment. These installations are often designated as “media rooms” to differentiate from simpler installations.

This idea can go as far as completely recreating an actual cinema, with a projector enclosed in a projection booth, specialized furniture, curtains in front of the projection screen, movie posters, or a popcorn or snack machine. More commonly, real dedicated home theaters pursue this to a lesser degree. Presently the days of the high priced home theater is being usurped by the rapid advances in digital audio and video technologies, which has spurred a rapid drop in prices. This in turn has brought the true digital home theater experience to the doorsteps of the do-it-yourself people, often for less than what you would expect to pay for a low budget economy car. Current consumer level A/V equipment can meet and often exceed in performance what you would expect to experience at a modern commercial theater.

Leading Edge Technology designs systems to fit the needs and budget of the client. Whether the system is being installed in the family room or master bedroom, or our designer is sitting with you, your builder, your architect or your interior designer. The system designed will be installed in the most professional manor using only the best poducts.


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